Fire and Ice

In addition to the usual weather and climate news items, today’s podcast covers our Earth on fire as well as a habitat that is newly accessible to commercial interests. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about those things without discussing agriculture, energy, economics, and geopolitics. At least we haven’t been sucked into the vortex of electoral politics! 

Declaration of the Four Sacred Things by Starhawk

The Earth is a living, conscious being. In company with cultures of many different times and places, we name these things as sacred: air, fire, water, and earth.

Whether we see them as the breath, energy, blood, and body of the Mother, or as the blessed gifts of a Creator, or as symbols of interconnected systems that sustain life, we know that nothing can live without them.

To call these things sacred is to say that they have a value beyond their usefulness for human ends, that they themselves become the standard by which our acts, our economics, our laws, and our purposes must be judged. No one has the right to appropriate them or profit from them at the expense of others. Any government that fails to protect them forfeits its legitimacy.

All people, all living things, are part of the earth life, and so are sacred. No one of us stands higher or lower than any other. Only justice can assure balance; only ecological balance can sustain freedom. Only in freedom can that fifth sacred thing we call spirit flourish in its full diversity.

To honor the sacred is to create conditions in which nourishment, sustenance, habitat, knowledge, freedom, and beauty can thrive. To honor the sacred is to make love possible.

To this we dedicate our curiosity, our will, our courage, our silences, and our voices. To this we dedicate our lives.

Sequitur Launch

The song Sequitur, by Zympht, predates the podcast Sequitur by four years. The featured image is his self-portrait. Below the media player are his program notes and lyrics. Hear the song at the end of the podcast, or do a SoundCloud search for Zympht and hear this and other visionary and psychedelic rock and experimental sonic art.

Sequitur. It follows. Logically, inevitably.  

Fourteen billion years later, matter, energy and consciousness have organized themselves into this precious, unrepeatable, irrepressible, self-evident moment of potentiality. There’s you, whatever electronic device you’re using and encoded whispers of wonderful music traversing great distances and dancing in your ears. Yes, it’s true; it has all come down to this. And the next fourteen billion years start right here, right now. Sequitur.

I hope this track brings you as much joy to listen to as it brought me to create.


Now you see it and now you don’t,
goin’ through walls and floors.

Through the ages and out of time;
it’s only matter, it’s no matter at all.

It created this in its travels,
comin’ through the void.

It isn’t said why it happened;
The only reason is One.

Pleasure and pain are all there is;
the illusion is so clear.

Heart on sleeve dissolves all power
through the needle’s eye and ear.

Follow it back to the zero field;
there’s only metaphors and puns.

It tells us then that there is no seeking
’cause what connects us is One.


global headlines, week ending 8 April, 2016 – droughts, floods, wildfires, polar vortex
amicus briefs in support of EPA’s Clean Power Plan
president’s Climate and Health Assessment
extreme weather and commerce, agriculture, energy
Guy McPherson: 5 April Nature Bats Last on Arctic sea ice and Greenland ice sheet melt Great Barrier Reef bleaching