By various accounts, Tsunki is either a diety or a powerful shaman of the water who protects the health of the Shuar people.

Image credit: above, INPC Ecuador (Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural); below, Pit Becker ARTwork

Shuar resistance

Whether in Amazonia or at Standing Rock, native people know that Water Is Life. Today’s show features an interview with shaman, author, and whistleblower John Perkins as well as breaking news from the pipeline resistance movement. Also included is commentary by Benjamin the Donkey, a short clip from Harry Nilsson’s The Point, and music by Zympht.

The Glucose that Binds the Lightness and Darkness (1997)

Our reality is of dialectics. Hot-cold, peace-war, friend-foe, lost-found, dark-light. One side cannot exist without the other. We should appreciate our opponents and embrace their different views, aware always of the small one-sided part we must play to keep the balance and avoid mediocrity.

Play fast and mean, but say who you are, and live always by the light of day.

The storming brains of men and boys play on and keep the darkness at bay.

The darkness and lightning of storming thoughts become their life’s works’ art.

The glue that binds the darkness and lightness, never the two shall part.

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