Exit Strategy

Our featured interview with Tomorrow Never Knows. Producer/Director Adam Sekuler and Buddhist Chaplain Darci Meyers boldly treats controversial topics such as conscious death, assisted dying, euthanasia, and suicide. Also included is music from the movie: Carole King’s song Goin’ Back sung by Dusty Springfield; lyrics are below. Sensing Joy is a Sunset Windows segment with Elizabeth West. Written instructions are included below. Benjamin the Donkey offers his two cents’ worth, and theme music is by Zympht. Run time: 80 minutes.

The featured image on this page is one of many portraits of young girls by impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. A good reproduction of it hangs on my wall; I inherited it from my father. This is the image that was evoked for me upon reading David Wolinsky’s poem Ghost Story, and I invite the listener to gaze at it while listening to David’s segment.

Sensing Joy by Elizabeth West

05Sensing Joy
Since this practice does not always lend itself to being done first thing in the morning, you might want to create a reminder for yourself to actually do it during the course of the day. You know yourself, and what works best for you.

  1. Sit with a rose or a fall of honeysuckle or a lilac and bury your nose in it and allow the scent to fill you. Allow yourself to feel blessed by such beauty. And stay there as long as you like, just taking it in. Or find some other joy offered by nature and accessed through one sense primarily and give yourself over to it altogether for at least three minutes. It could be the wind, or the sun, or birdsong, or the sound of leaves moving in the breeze or the hum of insects…. Use what is available to you. So often, we want to stop and really feel, taste, smell, devour, listen, gaze, but we settle for a passing whiff, a quick glance. This week, indulge! If you need something for your mind to ‘do’ during this relatively sustained period of attention, try to notice the layers, the subtleties of scent, color flavor, timbre.
  2. Do your best not to analyze or categorize – just enjoy! Notice how your body feels, how your heart feels, how it is to live on this planet.
  3. Make an intention to carry that feeling forward through the rest of your day, giving yourself permission to touch back into it again and again. If you want to make a note of what you experienced, that might help, but it isn’t necessary.
  4. At the end of the day, before you sleep, take a minute or two to revisit your experience and to notice how it changed the day for you. Give thanks to the world of form which offers up such wonders, and to your body which was created to receive them.
Goin’ Back
written by Carole King
sung by Dusty Springfield

I think I’m goin’ back
To the things I learned so well in my youth
I think I’m returning to
Those days when I was young enough to know the truth

Now there are no games to only pass the time
No more colouring books, no christmas bells to chime
But thinking young and growing older is no sin
And I can play the game of life to win

I can recall the time
When I wasn’t ashamed to reach out to a friend
And now I think I’ve got
A lot more than a skipping rope to lend

Now there’s more to do than watch my sailboat glide
And everyday can be my magic carpet ride
And I can play hide and seek with my fears
And live my days instead of counting my years

Let everyone debate the true reality
I’d rather see the world the way it used to be
A little bit of freedom’s all we lack
So catch me if you can – I’m goin back

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