All Souls


It’s Samhain season, the Pagan New Year, aka Dia de los Muertos, so we’ll have a Reading of the Names with topical music, Died on the Vine, by the late C.W. Konrad; scroll down for lyrics. The show features conversations with three of our favorite authors, Elizabeth West (Love Is the Way), Susan-Alia Terry (Coming Darkness), and Benjamin the Donkey (Limericks of Doom II), about their recent experience with DIY publishing. Also included is Drawing Joy, a Sunset Windows practice by Elizabeth West, a reading of the 19th-century poem The Blind Men and the Elephant along with a parody of same by Benjamin the Donkey, and lots more of Benji’s topical limericks. Sequitur theme music is by Zympht. Run time: 72 minutes.

Drawing Joy by Elizabeth West

  1. Have on hand white paper and some drawing instruments. Colored crayons or pencils or markers are ideal. If you only have a pen or pencil you can still do this exercise. You will be making a picture and will also need a means for affixing it to a mirror, a refrigerator – somewhere you’ll see it throughout the day. Tape or pushpins would be helpful.
  2. Begin by sitting quietly first thing in the morning and envision the energy you would like to carry throughout your day. Try to see just shape, color and movement. Do not censor yourself at all, but stay simple. With your eyes closed, look for what first appears in your mind’s eye or in your heart. It might be a geometric shape like a circle or a diamond, a bird on the wing, a fountain, a tree, a great heart, an opening flower. Without getting fussy, notice colors and movement in your shape. Notice what makes you feel good and right. Your heart will tell you when you have it.
  3. Now take that simple shape and translate it onto your paper. This should take no more than five minutes. It is not about creating a piece of artwork, but about concretizing the energetic impulse you choose for your day. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at drawing, nor do you have to have expensive supplies. Just bring that picture of the energy you wish to hold today into this dimension. Try not to think as you draw and shade, but rather to feel the energies you are deliberately putting on paper, feel the field you are drawing for yourself.
  4. Intend that you carry this energy foremost today, and put the drawing on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, your computer – somewhere that you will see it during the day and agree to allow this representation of your intention to hold you.
  5. At the end of the day, before you sleep, take a minute or two to consider the relationship between the energy you drew and your day, your interactions, your experience of yourself and the world. Writing a sentence or two would be a good idea. You can even write it on the back of the drawing.

Drawing Joy

Died on the Vine
C.W. Konrad

There are times when I stood all alone in the rain
Times when I thought that I would die from the pain
I’ve seen that the past is just yesterday’s dream
And found that the truth is not what it seems

[Chorus] All of the things that have died on the vine
All of the hope I couldn’t find
All of the love that just wouldn’t stay
Waiting for things I couldn’t say

In the night of our silence, waiting for day
The sound of the wind, the cries you won’t stay
You walk toward the sunlight, and you forget me today
Letting my hope and our love slip away


Life is so short, and death is so long
Smiles are so swift like the words of this song
Though they’re fogotten, they’ve been sung to the wind
That travels around us and comes back again


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