Pipeline Resistance

Featured Image photo credit, Climate Direct Action: The Valve Turners
From left, Emily Johnston, Annette Klapstein, Leonard Higgins, Ken Ward, Michael Foster.

Below is a video by producer/director Steve Liptay that explains who the Valve Turners are, what they did, and why.

Use the player below to listen to Sequitur: Pipeline Resistance (run time:  <70 minutes) featuring an interview with Annette Klapstein and Emily Johnston, the two Valve Turners who are facing trial in Minnesota on felony charges that could result in more than 20 years in prison – or not, if Judge Robert Tiffany’s ruling on the admissibility of the “necessity defense” survives the prosecution’s appeal.

The following are useful references:

Her Animals by Emily Johnston
Climate Disobedience Center article on “necessity defense”
Shut It Down Today website

Also featured on Sequitur: Pipeline Resistance is Choosing for Yourself, another Sunset Windows practice by Associate Producer Elizabeth West, described below. Musical guests are Betsy Rose and Frances Aubrey with Lullaby for the Earth and Erika Lundahl with Act of Love; lyrics are below the Choosing for Yourself image. Benjamin the Donkey is on hand with more doomer humor, and theme music is by Zympht.

Choosing for Yourself  by Elizabeth West
  1. Compose for yourself one prayer/wish/entreaty – something short; no more than two sentences – that encapsulates your wish for yourself for the day (just you – don’t add humanity or your loved ones or the Earth or other beings of any sort just yet, please) and write it down.
  2. Think about who you want to entreat or address this to – God, the Universe, Great Spirit, Nature, your own Higher Self, etc.
  3. Read it (aloud if possible) and repeat for a total of three times, with attention and intention, each morning, intending that it stay with you throughout the day.
  4. Put it beside your bed or by your coffee maker: somewhere you will see it upon arising.
  5. Take about two minutes to review the color and quality of your day each night when you get ready to sleep. Notice when your prayer/entreaty was answered and give thanks or touch into gratitude if you can for any answers, even if it was a lot less than you had hoped for.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 daily.

07Choosing for Yourself

Lullaby for the Earth by Betsy Rose and Frances Aubrey

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word.
Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.
But if that mockingbird’s extinct,
How can a mama sleep a wink?

Before those mockingbirds are gone,
Mama’s gonna sing out a mournful song
‘Bout what we’re putting in the air.
It’s changing weather everywhere!

The Earth’s getting hot, the fields are dry.
We can’t grow food with a lullaby!
Ocean’s rising, storm winds roar,
Tornado’s howling at our door.

Oh, little darlin’! Mama fears
Hard time’s comin’ for her baby dear.
But mama is strong, and mama is wise.
She’ll find other mamas who’ll open their eyes.

We brought you life, we gave you birth.
Together we mamas can save your Earth.
So hush little baby, don’t say a word.
Mama’s gonna save you the mockingbird.

Mama’s gonna save you the maple trees,
The waves of grain and the shining seas.
And when we’ve cooled this climate down,
You’ll still be the sweetest little baby in town.

Act of Love by Erika Lundahl

This is my act of love
This is my hand uncovered
For you and me, and everyone we see.

This is my gift
Of vulnerability
This is my body
I turn the valve, I turn the key.

Reveal the sorcery
The systems as they be
The systems as they be.

This is fragility
What we’ve built our gospel on
God is not a paragon,
A pentagon, a president, an oil baron.

God is you and me
God is everything you see
I am grateful for, grateful for your actions
To keep this place, to keep this place
Breathing, breathing, breathing.

Breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in,
Breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in,
The work we’re in, the ancient hymn, breathe in.

This is my act of love,
This is my hand uncovered
For you and me and everyone we see.

This is my gift
Of vulnerability
This is my one body.

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