This week’s line-up: Be-holder by Zympht, atmosphere report (carbon dioxide levels, omega blocks), flooding in Australia, speaking out on climate change – or not! refugee update, flooding in Europe and Texas, heatwave in western North America, Canadian reaction to extreme weather and climate change, updates from Asia and the global south, carbon capture technology, insurance conference report, reflections on attribution.Run time: 36:11 minutes.


The Fact of being,
The palette of feeling,
The will to action,
Compassion, expansion,
The edifice of impenetrable logic,
The psychic realms of stars,
Bathing in fountains of infinite creation:
This is the mortal conversation.
Under the everloving influence
Of ancient patterns and sounds,
The tones of bones,
The colors of the iris,
Silken threads of futile memory;
Time loses interest,
That through which we broke at conception,
Expanding toward the second membrane.
It may be days away,
The dying.
It may be days away,
Awakening from this sensorial dream.
It won’t be far away,
The living.
It won’t be far away,
Back to the moment’s infinite seam
You always knew
What the be-holder is able to do.
You always knew
That you make the most beautiful magic.

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