The main purpose of a Sequitur show released at this auspicious calendar time is to honor Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday without sitting in stubborn denial of what is happening in our nation-state’s history later in the week, and that made for a difficult assignment.The other thing that made this such a difficult show to produce is the enormous amount of research that went into it. Major sources are cited in full, and other names are abundantly mentioned.

So what is wetiko? Loosely translated, wetiko is greed. And how can we integrate a celebration of a cultural icon of Martin Luther King’s stature with such a theme? Well, it’s not the sort of show you’ll enjoy, but we hope it’s mind-expanding and consciousness-raising. We’ll start with the history of the MLK Day holiday and topical music recorded live in the late ’60s – no retakes like in the studio, and the sound quality is… well, old. Then we’ll segue into the treatment of wetiko with segments by Lisa White and John Cossham. Benjamin the Donkey is still with us to help run the show and provide some essential comic relief for this heavy topic, and theme music is still by Zympht.

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