Unnatural Disaster 3

Image credit: Alamay

The featured image of the Chernobyl plant from the perspective of the ghost town of Pripyat is from the UK Sun from 22 February 2017. The Ferris wheel in the center of the foreground was never used; the amusement park was due to open less than a week after the town was evacuated due to the meltdown. Note how quickly Nature can reclaim her domain once the humans are out of the way. I heartily agree with Elizabeth West, featured guest on Sequitur: Earthbound, when she says, “Every day, I’m less convinced that the survival of this species is an optimal outcome.”

Today’s Sequitur marks the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster and is the third of a three-part series on nuclear power plant disasters. The show also features a segment by John Cossham on Earth Day, a poetry reading from Wendell Berry by Debba Kale Earnshaw, commentary by Benjamin the Donkey, topical music of Here II Here, and theme music by Zympht.

As if that’s not already a very full program, I’m asking that you commit 90 minutes at some time in the next week to view the documentary Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock. The trailer is embedded below. If you act before 6 May, the charge will be self-determined for an unlimited number of viewers and viewings. The minimum is $1; however, since “100% of the proceeds will go to an Indigenous Media Fund and a Pipeline Fighters Fund supervised by the film’s creators and a council of indigenous leaders to support direct actions, indigenous filmmakers and journalists,” PANinA humbly asks that you make the requested $5 donation. PANinA has already made a $20 donation and hereby further pledges to donate an additional dollar for every Comment viewers make on this page before 6 May and after viewing the film. Thank you in advance for your caring participation.

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