All Souls


It’s Samhain season, the Pagan New Year, aka Dia de los Muertos, so we’ll have a Reading of the Names with topical music, Died on the Vine, by the late C.W. Konrad; scroll down for lyrics. The show features conversations with three of our favorite authors, Elizabeth West (Love Is the Way), Susan-Alia Terry (Coming Darkness), and Benjamin the Donkey (Limericks of Doom II), about their recent experience with DIY publishing. Also included is Drawing Joy, a Sunset Windows practice by Elizabeth West, a reading of the 19th-century poem The Blind Men and the Elephant along with a parody of same by Benjamin the Donkey, and lots more of Benji’s topical limericks. Sequitur theme music is by Zympht. Run time: 72 minutes.

Drawing Joy by Elizabeth West

  1. Have on hand white paper and some drawing instruments. Colored crayons or pencils or markers are ideal. If you only have a pen or pencil you can still do this exercise. You will be making a picture and will also need a means for affixing it to a mirror, a refrigerator – somewhere you’ll see it throughout the day. Tape or pushpins would be helpful.
  2. Begin by sitting quietly first thing in the morning and envision the energy you would like to carry throughout your day. Try to see just shape, color and movement. Do not censor yourself at all, but stay simple. With your eyes closed, look for what first appears in your mind’s eye or in your heart. It might be a geometric shape like a circle or a diamond, a bird on the wing, a fountain, a tree, a great heart, an opening flower. Without getting fussy, notice colors and movement in your shape. Notice what makes you feel good and right. Your heart will tell you when you have it.
  3. Now take that simple shape and translate it onto your paper. This should take no more than five minutes. It is not about creating a piece of artwork, but about concretizing the energetic impulse you choose for your day. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at drawing, nor do you have to have expensive supplies. Just bring that picture of the energy you wish to hold today into this dimension. Try not to think as you draw and shade, but rather to feel the energies you are deliberately putting on paper, feel the field you are drawing for yourself.
  4. Intend that you carry this energy foremost today, and put the drawing on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, your computer – somewhere that you will see it during the day and agree to allow this representation of your intention to hold you.
  5. At the end of the day, before you sleep, take a minute or two to consider the relationship between the energy you drew and your day, your interactions, your experience of yourself and the world. Writing a sentence or two would be a good idea. You can even write it on the back of the drawing.

Drawing Joy

Died on the Vine
C.W. Konrad

There are times when I stood all alone in the rain
Times when I thought that I would die from the pain
I’ve seen that the past is just yesterday’s dream
And found that the truth is not what it seems

[Chorus] All of the things that have died on the vine
All of the hope I couldn’t find
All of the love that just wouldn’t stay
Waiting for things I couldn’t say

In the night of our silence, waiting for day
The sound of the wind, the cries you won’t stay
You walk toward the sunlight, and you forget me today
Letting my hope and our love slip away


Life is so short, and death is so long
Smiles are so swift like the words of this song
Though they’re fogotten, they’ve been sung to the wind
That travels around us and comes back again


Sacred Reciprocity

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada shares his experience of the recent total Solar eclipse on Shoshone land in Wyoming and offers Universal Shamanism practices and prayers in Quechua. Also included is an eclipse debriefing with author Susan-Alia Terry from Charleston, SC; Seeing the Wonders, a Sunset Windows practice by Elizabeth West; a State of Humanity update from Guy McPherson based on a recent Only Love Remains clip; and two contemporary topical songs in addition to Sequitur theme music by Zympht: Seven Directions by the Sami Brothers (recorded live on retreat with don Oscar) and Born to Love by Stephanie Urbina Jones.
Run time: 90 minutes.

Photo credits: above, don Oscar (center) with the Sami Brothers; below, Seeing the Wonders by Elizabeth West

03Seeing the Wonders

Seeing the Wonders
Elizabeth West

  1. If you are able, plan to take a short walk, preferably in a place that is near home or work, somewhere you can visit daily for a week or so. The walk need be no longer than three or four minutes, but it is important that you be able to give it your full attention during those minutes. It is best done on your own, without companions. And it is important not to alter your route much. If you cannot walk, you can do this in a car, or if you can manage a good vista from a window it will still work.
  2. Before you set out, pick a color you want to notice that day. It is good to choose one that is in relative abundance at the moment. Green works well in the springtime. Brown is marvelous in the autumn. Greys and blues are good to start with if you are near the water. You can pick a new color each day, or stick with the same one, if you prefer. Go out and take your walk with full consciousness, tuned into that color in the nature you encounter.
  3. Scan your environment, looking for your color in all its variants of hue, tone, texture. See the way that the light reflects or is absorbed, the gloss, the feather, the wet, the dry, the way one color shades into the next. No need for analysis – just allow yourself to be absolutely filled with all the many manifestations of that particular color which flourish before you. By the fifth or sixth day, if you have been looking at different colors, you will have covered most of them and can take your walk with eyes wide open to the profusion of all the colors, shades and textures. You will be able to see them all, having isolated each color on previous days, and at the same time, you may be able to feel the wholeness, the oneness of the landscape through which you are walking.

Seven Directions
Sami Brothers

To the Above, may you inspire us.
To the Below, may you sustain us.
To the Behind, may you protect us.
To the Before, may you guide us.
To the Left, may you purify us.
To the Right, may you strengthen us.
To the Within, may you re-member us.

Oh, Saywa Qori K’anchay
Oh, Saywa Khuyay

The Quechua verse seems to be an invocation of Saywa, the shaft of energy that connects the Heavenly and Earthly realms, into our ceremonial space. K’anchay and Khuyay can be nouns or verbs meaning light and caring, respectively.

Born to Love
Stephanie Urbina Jones

(I believe we were born to love.)

Have you ever wondered what you are doing here?
Well, the truth is, there’s a simple explanation.
It’s written in the starry skies above.
Take a look at all of god’s creation.
We were born to love.

Like a man loves a woman, like a woman loves a man.
Like a flower loves the rain, a farmer loves his land.
Like a cowboy loves his freedom, a dreamer loves to dream.
Like a mama loves her child, a choir loves to sing.
Oh, I believe we were born to love. (I believe we were born to love.)
I believe we were born to love.

From the bible to the Beatles to the old man walking down the street.
The scriptures, the singers, and the sages,
The children’s laughter keeps reminding us.
Seems like all the voices through the ages.
Are saying we were born to love.

[repeat Chorus]


The angels are dancing up above,
Shouting halleluja, we were born to love.

[repeat Chorus]

Solar Science 2b

Image credit: B.C. Wildfire Service

According to the Canadian Times Colonist, 17 new wildfires started 7 August and 11 more on 8 August due to lightning strikes, bringing the total number of fires in BC Canada to 928, of which at least 364 were human-caused.

To wrap up the Solar Science series, northern California firewatcher Barry Snyder describes the remarkable correspondence between the astrological chart of the upcoming solar eclipse and that of US President Donald Trump. Also included is a Sunset Windows segment by Elizabeth West (instruction summary below), Limericks of Doom by Benjamin the Donkey, and a 1995 instrumental by Zympht titled And the Stucco Ceiling Said….

Your Script
Elizabeth West

  1. First thing in the morning, sit quietly with your eyes closed, breathe deeply and allow yourself to find a quality you want more of in your day. Joy, patience, gratitude, truth, courage – these are some possibilities to get you started. Just be sure to think in terms of experiences that you hold within rather than those which are dictated by externals. In other words, there is a difference between celebrating or seeing the abundance that already exists in your life, and wanting more.
  2. Once you have chosen the focus quality for the day, write the word with your non-dominant hand in a deliberate manner seven (7) times.
  3. Give yourself permission to have and to notice that quality as it appears throughout the course of the day.
  4. Before you go to bed at night, write the same word on the same page with your dominant hand, allowing yourself to reflect on how your intention manifested during the day.

02Your Script


Solar Science 2a

Featured Image Credit: Hinode/XRT, NASA

This is Part 1 of a double feature in preparation for the upcoming total solar eclipse on 21 August; Part 2 will follow later this week. Featured guest Barry Snyder crosses over into the spiritual realm with a discussion of the Fire element, first from his perspective as a US Forest Service fire watcher in the coastal wilderness just south of the California-Oregon state line, and then from his perspective as a spiritual seeker within the astrological framework. Also included is an overview of the Perseid meteor shower and an observance of the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Benjamin the Donkey makes a brief appearance, and Sequitur theme music is by Zympht.

Solar Science 1

Featured Image Credit: Coronal Mass Ejection, NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics Observatory

Our nearest star, aka “the Sun,” sent an M-2 Coronal Mass Ejection our way on 14 July. Barry Snyder speaks about the effects of such phenomena on Earth and Earthlings, especially during this time in the cycle of polar reversal and weakening of Earth’s magnetic field. Musical guest Tim Blais provides an explanation of the one-way arrow of Entropic Time with his A Capella Science parody of a familiar Billy Joel song, and Benjamin the Donkey offers commentary with his Limericks of Doom.  Sequitur theme music is by Zympht.

Entropic Time
Tim Blais

Whoa, arrow of entropic time.
Whoa, arrow of entropic time.

If you made a scrambled egg tonight,
There’d be no return to yolk and white.
And when it’s fried, you
Can’t turn it back to raw food.
That is the arrow of entropic time!

Structure decomposes til it’s gone.
Hot spots cool and entropy grows on.
My room was cleaner –
Now looks like Godzilla’s been there.
Not my fault; blame it on entropic time.

Whoa, arrow of entropic time.
Whoa, arrow of entropic time.

Stars explode and leaves turn brown and fall.
That’s thermodynamics’ second law.
But from a deep view,
That doesn’t need to be true.
Time-symmetry precludes entropic time.

Maybe this won’t last very long.
Our cosmos’s light, a fluctuation.
In that case, it’s probable we are
A brain without a jar,
Decomposed in a moment.

Who knows if that’s true and I’ll be gone –
Thermalized before you hear this song.
I’ll take my chances
Though I can’t disprove these answers.
‘Cause there’s a reason for entropic time.

One must go right back to the start –
The order from whence all things fell apart.
All life hinges on that state that was.
We hope to find its cause
But it’s more than we know now.

Maybe there’s a time-symmetric space
Birthing big bangs all over the place
That then disperse as
New baby universes
With their own direction of entropic time.

Whoa, arrow of entropic time.
Whoa, arrow of entropic time.
Whoa, arrow of entropic time.
Whoa, arrow of entropic time.

Sunset Windows

Elizabeth West returns to Sequitur with her refreshing perspective on these End Times and shares the first of a series of simple practices designed to reconnect us with joy, regardless of external circumstances. Benjamin the Donkey provides additional commentary, and musical offerings by Neil Young, Here II Here, and Zympht are included. Theme music is also by Zympht.

Celebrating the Ordinary

  1. Set aside three to five minutes, out of doors, if possible. This can be done indoors as well, though it is better if you can get into the periphery of nature at least. Perhaps a walk from parking lot to office, or a yard you can go out into.
  2. The goal is to seek around you for a small and seemingly insignificant manifestation of life. It could be a pebble of an ordinary nature, a ‘weed,’ or its flower. It is easiest to do this with something stationary, like a plant or mineral, but it can certainly be applied to a small animal or other animated forms which are often overlooked.
  3. Sit with the thing you have chosen and allow yourself to really look, feel, know it. Search for its beauty, its unique nature. Look and feel until you sense the extraordinary (and heretofore) unseen complexity, or the breathtaking simplicity.
  4. Stay with it until you know how special it is.
  5. Then let it go, with thanks, and go about your day.

Doing this once or twice will likely not change your outlook radically, but if you practice this one every day for a week or two you can see the world (and yourself) in a whole new manner, one that is both truer and more loving.

Photo credits

above: Jeffrey G. White, 4 July 2017, Sunset over the Rock River, Dixon, IL
below: Nora Brenner-West, Sunset over San Francisco Bay, Richmond, CA


Children of Destiny by Neil Young + Promise of the Real (with full orchestra)

Stand up for what you believe
Resist the ‘Powers That Be’
Preserve the Land and save the Seas
For the Children of Destiny,
The children of you and me

Should ‘goodness’ ever lose and ‘evil’ steal the day
Should ‘happy’ sing the blues and ‘peaceful’ fade away
What would you do?
What would you say?
How would you act on that new day?

Stand up for what you believe
Resist the ‘powers that be’
Preserve the ways of Democracy
So the Children can be free
The Children of Destiny

When money matters most and war is good for gain
The capital is yours, the people feel the pain
They feel the pain, they walk the streets
While the bombs fall in the rain
The Children hide, somewhere inside
While the bombs fall in the rain

Stand up for what you believe
Resist the ‘Powers That Be’
Preserve the Land and save the Seas
For the Children of Destiny
The Children of Destiny.

It’s All Light by Here II Here

Where I’m from it rains and then it shines and then it rains
I paid attention to the teachings that the weather brings
You can be yourself with me, I love you just the same
Scream and shout I promise I won’t take it personally
Feelings come and the feelings go
Feelings come and the feelings go

I border on insanity with the enlightened mind
Like gentle folks who’ve lost their meaning searching for themselves
Acceptance happens naturally without the need of time
Unnecessary effort on becoming someone else
Feelings come and the feelings go – it’s all right
Feelings come and the feelings go – it’s all light

It’s all right, all light.
It’s all light, all light.

Where I’m from we spin around and no one really knows
The truth of our location’s still a mystery to us all
Yet we’re so consumed with always trying to control
We rise above the clouds and then we lose our wings and fall
Feelings come and the feelings go – it’s all right
Feelings come and the feelings go – it’s all light

It’s all right, all light.
It’s all light, all light.
It’s all right, all light.
It’s all light, all light.

It’s all right, all light.
It’s all light, all light.
It’s all right, all light.
It’s all light, all light.


Above: Starhawk prepares participants for the annual Spiral Dance.

Starhawk joined us on her birthday to discuss her upcoming permaculture design certification training and ask for your contribution to the scholarship fund, whether as a birthday gift to her, as an expression of support for a Standing Rock water protector, a marginalized urban youngster, or a middle-aged woman in transition, or just because you agree that this project contributes to the regeneration that all of us owe to our planet and our fellow sojourners here.

Action Alert: Earth Activist Training

Date: 25 June to 9 July 2017
Location: Freeport, Illinois, USA

You Can Help: Diversity Scholarship Fund

In the featured interview, Starhawk connects the dots between permaculture design, social and environmental activism, and pagan spirituality. Also on today’s show, you will hear Return to the Mother, a chant by Judy Grahn and the Wind Hags, and the Summer Solstice song Litha sung by Lisa Thiel; lyrics are below the embedded ten-minute YouTube clip. Benjamin the Donkey is on hand with Limericks of Doom, and Sequitur theme music is provided by Zympht.

Return to the Mother
Judy Grahn & Wind Hags

spoken intro:
All over the world the waters are breaking
Everywhere, everywhere, the waters are breaking

And so return, return, return
Return to the Mother

descant counterpoint:
All over the world, the waters are breaking
The waters are breaking all over the world

Lisa Thiel, vocals

I am the fire that burns within your soul
I am the Holy light that fills and makes you whole
I am the Flame within, that never dies
I am the sun that will ever arise

Power of the Sun we honor you this night
We leap across the fire to keep our spirits bright
Power of the Sun, fire in the night
We leave behind, that which blinds, to restore our sight

I am the fire that clears away the old
I am the holy light that guides you to your soul
I am the Flame Of Love for which you yearn
I am the sun that will always return

Power of the Sun we honor you this night
We leap across the fire to keep our spirits bright
Power of the Sun, fire in the night
We leave behind, that which blinds, to restore our sight

starhawk at standing rock

Above: Starhawk at Standing Rock.
Below: Starhawk at Occupy.

Starhawk Dec '11