DoP Campaign/NVC

Peace And Nonviolence in Asheville
Department of Peace Campaign and Nonviolent Communication
October 20, 2007

Department of Peace Campaign was held in Asheville, NC at the JCC and attended by more than 30 participants. This year, on the First of May, Atlanta, the City of Peace, passed a Resolution in support of HR808, the legislation to create a Cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence in the administrative branch of the federal government.

All over the world, governments are declaring their readiness to make PEACE an organizing principle of society. The nations of Costa Rica, India, Italy, Nepal, the Philippines, and the Solomon Islands already have a Secretary or Minister of Peace at the table of power to present options to leaders for alternatives to armed conflict and inhumane sanctions for the nonviolent resolution to conflict. In addition, Australia, Canada, Japan, Liberia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Romania, Spain, Uganda, the US, and the UK have introduced or will introduce legislation to create such a Department or Ministry.

Peace And Nonviolence in Atlanta
Georgia Network for Nonviolent Communication
with Special Guest Marshall Rosenberg

The “best practice” that has been identified for peacebuilding, peacemaking, and peacekeeping both at home and abroad is Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg’s language model for “creating a world that works for everyone – where everyone’s needs can be met.” According to Rosenberg, this will happen when we retrain ourselves to hold a vision in common of the abundance with which we have been provided and a faith in common of the basic generosity and compassion of the human spirit.

The Georgia Network for Nonviolent Communication found their power at the Dahlonega residential intensive in May 2006 and produced their first highly successful event with Marshall Rosenberg during the first weekend in February 2007. This workshop was attended by 60 people, including our own Susan Livingston and John Naugle, of whom 16 were youth participants or youth trainers. At the end of May, GANVC hosted Marshall’s International Intensive Training in Highlands, NC, which was attended by 75 participants representing 15 countries.

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