Get your own PANinA People page. Write to Admin at PANinA dot org with the following information:

  • Personal Statement – This is a brief (less than 100 words) statement in .doc or .pdf format or as the body of your email in which you state your intention in joining the PANinA community. In what way(s) would you like to participate? How can working with PANinA help you to live your dream? This is a statement that could be used to introduce you at gatherings.
  • Biography – We prefer a 250- to 300-word narrative in .doc or .pdf format for your People page that includes what you would like others to know about your life and your work.
  • Tag Line – This is a phrase that encapsulates your philosophy of life. It will appear under your picture as a header for your bio. You can use it as a title or header for your document.
  • A photograph of you in .jpg format to be published on your PANinA People page. We prefer a 400-pixel square “head-shot” portrait.