Brad Collins

RIP (2)

Green Man

Brad was born on October 12, 1955 and died at home on August 2, 2014, from throat and neck cancer. He served as Co-Director of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Vice President of Venus Rising University for Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies, and Director of the Transformation House Soul Recovery Program. A certified Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork™ Teacher, Trainer and Facilitator, he was the Co-Director of the Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network.

He was a pioneer in planetary transformation for more than three decades. After a life-changing vision he received during a breathwork journey in 1994, he created the Shamanic Initiatory Priest Process (SIPP), a highly experiential and transformative process designed to help men step into their authentic power and Visionary Leadership.

Part of his mission encompassed land stewardship. With a background in Environmental Science and Education, he was a leader in the development of the natural foods movement in the United States. He helped form many of the original organic farming standards for several states and educated thousands of people in natural living and healing.

Having held the vision of living in community ever since he was a teenager, he co-founded the Isis Cove Community and Retreat Center with his wife, Linda Star Wolf, in 2003. Isis Cove Community stewards over 45 beautiful acres in the magical Blue Mountains of western North Carolina.

He was involved with 12 step recovery programs for more than 25 years. In his private shamanic counseling practice, his passion was to assist others in releasing self-defeating behavior patterns. By providing safe and sacred space for those seeking my counsel, he offered everyone he worked with, both men and women, loving kindness and acceptance. He believed that the shaman lives within each of us, and he lovingly held that vision for those he served.

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