Dina Liebowitz


BayNVC LP10 Graduate, CTC Administrative Assistant

Dina died on Monday, June 6, 2011, from ovarian cancer. Dina moved to California in the summer of 2009 and participated in CTC Founder Miki Kashtan’s Dancing in the Gap of Uncertainty: Embracing Discomfort as a Path to True Freedom before engaging with the 2010 Leadership Program and the Consciousness Transformation Community. She worked as a massage therapist.

Miki had this to say about Dina: “I was touched by the depth of her longing for transformation and openness. Over the course of the time I knew her, she embarked on a monumental effort to overcome many years of fear, shame, and a habit of intense privacy so as to be more available to life, more vulnerable and soft, and open to interdependence. While she was part of CTC she stretched more and more toward even greater vulnerability and belonging in the community, and more and more readiness to inhabit the consciousness and shift her inner practice accordingly. While on this journey she discovered the tumor that was the eventual cause of her death.”

Dina returned to New York City and was accompanied by her family for the last months of her life.

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