Mercedes Frace

Mercedes close

authenticity, empathy, aliveness, wonder, compassion, body wisdom

I was born and raised in Michigan, and I live with my 13-year-old daughter in the Sarasota, Florida area where I work from home as a medical editor. I have been offering workshops in Nonviolent Communication for over seven years to hundreds of people in Florida, Michigan, and southern Oregon including individuals, schools, organizations, and spiritual communities. More recently, I have been offering training in Compassionate Communication locally to Transition Towns initiatives and to the Occupy movement. I believe this work is the key to hope and harmony for our future.

As an organizer and trainer’s assistant, I have been a catalyst for NVC awareness and growth in Florida. I am particularly interested in applying NVC to social change with at-risk-youth as well as educators, nonprofits, prisons, spiritual communities, and public service organizations. I co-founded a homeschooling nonprofit in South Sarasota County in 2002, and I am co-founder and Board member of the Peace Education Action Center. I organized a Marshall Rosenberg event in 2007, and in 2008, an International Intensive Training (IIT), Dr. Rosenberg’s flagship training event. Other trainers for whom I have created events include Miki Kashtan, Wes Taylor, Kelly Bryson, Dian Killian, and Bob Wentworth. In 2009 I was selected by the global Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) as their volunteer Communication Coordinator. In 2010 I became the Director of Suncoast Network for Compassionate Communication and a Certification Candidate with CNVC. Currently, I am writing a book about practicing nonviolence and booking trainings and workshops for 2012 and beyond.

A highlight of my NVC training was my participation in 2009 in the renowned two-year NVC LIFE program with Robert Gonzalez, which invited me into a deeper understanding of the spiritual underpinnings of NVC, Living Energy of Needs work, self-compassion, and living compassion. Additionally, I have been trained in Restorative Circle facilitation by developer Dominic Barter as well as Duke Duchscherer, and I am an Alternatives to Violence (AVP) facilitator.

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