Mitsiko Miller


Projet Famille en Harmonie

Deepening my relationship with Life is what I value most. I am a member of Miki Kashtan’s CTC community as well as a participant of the BayNVC Parent Peer Program 2011. My dream is to contribute efficiently to the well-being of families and children in order to promote a sense of community and co-responsability in society, particularly in schools and families. To me, it is about creating awareness and offering the model of living in alignment with what I value most. Strategies I see possible are promoting interdependant models of community, restorative processes, sustainable and integral systems and life-serving communication models with the intention of creating bridges of connection and shared understanding.

I am deeply involved in community organisations that stimulate inner empowerment in parents and children to move towards the embodiment of the world they really treasure.

I also am convinced that random acts of kindness, the gift of my presence and small local acts that engage community, government and industry are ways to embody what I believe in: awaken us to our sense of gratitude, community and inner resources to BE the change.

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