Queen Reverend Mutima Imani


Alone, there’s nothing we can do. Together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

For the past 15 years, I have been operating on the front lines as a social justice minister in the bay area. I am the lead trainer and facilitator for Together We Heal the Heart of Humanity, a series of town halls meetings sponsored by Family, Art, Culture, Education, and Spirituality (FACES of the East Bay). FACES is an Oakland-based nonprofit organization representing the concerns and issues of people who are impacted by systems of injustice, oppression, or privilege in their communities and empowering citizens to be actively engaged in civic discourse to improve the condition of urban life.

With over 30 years of experience as a diversity trainer and healer of trauma, I conduct Community Dialogue/Peacekeeper Trainings to support a more peaceful presence during public demonstrations and confrontations, for example, the 15 workshops I organized in troubled communities as a consultant for the City of Oakland after the shooting of Oscar Grant and subsequent trial and sentencing of BART police officer Johannes Meserle.
I studied for ten years with the late Pablo Sanchez, a Native American Shaman, and I have experienced a number of personal vision quests. I have also led vision quest adventures for individuals and groups.

I am a master facilitator, trainer, and workshop designer who traveled for 12 years with the African American Women’s Conference where I conducted the Coming to Awareness women’s rite of passage program. Price Cobbs, author of Black Rage, was my mentor in the early 80s, and I later designed the Healing Racial Wounds diversity training program. More recently, I completed the Peace Ambassador program with the international Shift Network under the spiritual guidance of James O’Dea.

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