Stephanie Slade


Creative Collaboration for a Better World

I am a television producer, an editor, a writer, and a community activist. It is my mission to create spiritually uplifting and meaningful media with a message for peace and nonviolence at home, in our hearts, our community, and our world.

My most recent video project, in collaboration with Unity of Berkeley, United Media Productions, and PANinA, was Expressions of Peace TV: Personal, Powerful, and Heart to Heart. Studio sessions were filmed at Berkeley Community Media. The Global Peace Quilt was Barbara Dexter’s Expression of Peace, but she left the Planet before she could complete it. In a sense, Barbara took Peace Quilt 1.0 with her – a disappearance that was perhaps foreshadowed by the tag line she gave to the project: Wrap Yourself in Peace. We continued the project on her behalf.

I am currently leading drum circles of 20+ at the Stress Relief through the Arts series of workshops sponsored by the Contra Costa health system. I am developing an artistic following for my mixed-media paintings and putting the finishing touches on my novel Trans X, an underground release. Dejeana Burkes is including my most recent artwork, Music of the Universe, in the collection at her new blues club, soon to open.

I have a masters degree in Education. I won an EMMY award for Main Title Design (Broadcast), and I was nominated for an Oscar for a short documentary. My YouTube channel gives a more complete overview of my post-Hollywood career in videography.

Stef Slade

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