Infinite Sky by Theo Simms

As we seek this bliss, the way we seek this bliss assumes that we are missing it.
We grab at the sight of light with a hand of sand falling through time to stop on a dime and realize we have nothing to get, nowhere to run.
We’re always forever becoming something new.
This unified truth awakens a terrified child who’s been hiding inside –
who grows up to find this roller-coaster ride that we’ve been so afraid of has become our new favorite love.

And as we’re spinning and swirling through the brilliance of the mind, we flip upside-down to look upon a new high!
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! We wanna fly! Yeah, like Peter Pan and Superman!
We’ll just jump, and never, never land.

You know what this metaphor is for?
It is a subconscious segue symbolizing what the eyes could never name before that strange evolutionary change in the brain.
Adam and Eve did not need to know how to release a belief or how trees grow their leaves microscopically.
They were free to be in the garden! with the birds and the bees.
No words! Maybe some grunts and groans that transformed into verbs, pictures and figures: humans and animals, alone and in herds.

All this for a purpose –
a guiding, desiring, conspiring universe hiding, shining, reminding us that infinity serves everything possible right into our hands
that were once the Earth, the belly of birth, multiplying cells of ineffable worth –
cells cooperating, contributing,
sixty trillion cells agreeing to operate as one being! Now we humans face the same leap of faith, exploding into mass agreement.

One day, we will all believe it:
that our separation is an illusion, and our connection was never severed by linguistic descriptions and egoic definitions.
No! These expanded our capacity to imagine fresh inventions like technology, neurology, and molecular biology.
All of these hold the potential for beautiful possibilities, and all of these hold the potential for pathologies
because we live in an unconditional reality where brown, yellow, black, and white can paint a beautiful picture
or we can attack and disfigure one another.

And in the process, misperceptions will progress,
and Life will reveal another way even as attempts are made to keep things the same in this evolutionary game of yin-yang tug-of-war.
Everything is subject to these two forces driving the evolution of creation down the highway of manifestation.
Our intentions fall through skies of purification.

And still we seek this bliss! redefining every time we miss,
wondering why that bird, that plane opens our eyes so wide
inspiring new desires to crawl through freezing fires to places that seem higher
only because in retrospect we recollect having just left an insane maze full of rats chasing their tails in some kind of crazy race.

No wonder we do this again and again,
pretending that heaven is there, over the fence,
when really it’s been here ever since
we decided to climb the Infinite Sky.