humanity’s separation from nature according to 1970’s scholarship; happy birthday to Mary Midgley with the Birthday song by the Beatles

sustainability discussion, an excerpt from an interview of Guy McPherson by Peter Melton

promotional announcements for next week’s podcasts

Infinite Sky, spoken word by Theo Sims

Limericks of Doom by Benjamin the Donkey

words, words, and more words: unprecedented, diversion, emergency, consequences versus punishment, migrants versus refugees versus fugitives, rights versus privileges versus entitlements

What If? by Here II Here

What if one day it’s confirmed that aliens exist
And they were planning to destroy the world as we know it
Alter our perception of perceived reality
Expressing they’re not here to fight for they have come in peace

What if someday it’s discovered that there is no line
That separates, perpetuates the individual mind
Do you see us letting down the walls that we’ve built up
Because we misinterpreted the true meaning of love

What if someday we recognize that we are all the same
And that the source of everything is beyond any name

What if everything we’ve learned just meant nothing at all
Would the earth stop spinning ’round – just let go and fall
Into the universe until it turns into a star
What if in infinity there’s no such thing as far


What if miracles were too close for our eyes to see
And this that’s happening right now’s just a possibility
What if you are dreaming you’re asleep when you’re awake
What if God said thank you back, what would you say


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