Great Unraveling

Just as Extinction Radio was beginning its four-month sabbatical, Peter Melton interviewed Guy McPherson about our Great Unraveling. The audio file survived the hiatus, and Sequitur is delighted to present a condensed version, with the generous permission of both Guy and Peter.

  • Part I – Welcome to the Sixth Mass Extinction Event!
    • habitat loss – food, water
    • loss of species diversity
    • the small stuff – detritivores, pollinators, the nitrogen cycle
  • Part II – Oceanic and Atmospheric Changes
    • plastic pollution, acidification
    • coral bleaching, algal blooms, plankton, fisheries
    • methane, moistening of the upper troposphere
  • Part III – Global Warming and Industrial Civilization
    • polar meltdown, meandering jet stream, global dimming
    • the truth about trade – the Baltic Dry Index
    • economic and commercial implications

Also included are promotional announcements for events featuring Guy McPherson, including his upcoming New Zealand tour, and a reading of The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer as well as a not-so-random assortment of news items and Extinction Level Event, a Limerick of Doom by Benjamin the Donkey. Sequitur theme music is by Zympht; you can find more of his music on SoundCloud.

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