Due to the complexities of aligning life in cyberspace with events in the flesh-and-blood world, Sequitur hereby declares its emancipation from clock and calendar time. Shows will continue to bear a Wednesday date every two weeks but may actually be posted at PANinA up to 48 hours before or after the usual 9PM Wednesday eastern USA time.

Part 1 – Peter Melton on the Oneness sign, embellished with Expression of Peace from the 2010 Unity of Berkeley’s Peace Film Project and some observations by the Producer.

Part 2 – Rabbi Michael Lerner on Yom Kippur with instructions on facilitating a Conversation Cafe event in your local community.

Part 3 – Steve Bhaerman (aka the Swami Beyondananda) on Global Oneness Day, the role of humor in connection, and the POTUS election.

Also included is a Limerick of Doom by Benjamin the Donkey and Sequitur theme music by Zympht.

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